Specializing in eLearning, Training Videos, Corporate                                   Narration & IVR 

   *10 years of working as a voice-over artist.

   *My voice is unique, with a velvety warm and raspy quality.  A sound that embodies confidence with tones that are conversational and inviting.


  *If you need to communicate nuance, meaning, and believability, professionally and articulately, let me assist you with Corporate Narration, eLearning/Training Videos, Commercials & IVR to reach those goals.  


  *A home studio equipped to record and edit your audio projects with professional broadcast audio quality. Or if you prefer, use of a designated studio in my area).

Most projects finished within 24-48 hours.

   *Source Connect & Skype phone patch available for remote direction.

   *Trained as a Graphic & Commercial Artist bringing color and life to words is my newest creation. I also have a "Passion for Sweets," making homemade chocolates and sea salt caramels to die for!












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